Monday, 25 August 2008

End of summer

I made this drawing for Active (#3 2008). It illustrates a text about the importance of being fit and active.

And this is the magazine spread.

Post-holiday effect

My drawing published in the latest issue of Active (#3 2008). The text is about the difficulty of returning to work when your holiday is over. Sigh...

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


One of my most beloved designs – a cover for Baaba's Poope Musique album. I made everything here including layout, typography and illustrations. The CD was published by Lado ABC in 2006 and received loads of excellent reviews in the music press. The design looks a bit retro and naïve and that's precisely what it's supposed to look like as it was 100% inspired by Baaba's music. I guess this is the quintessence of my taste and style at the time of making.

Backside of the cover.

One of my illos from the inside of the digipak.

Eye candy

Another cover I made for a Dean Koontz novel. This time it's The Face. The Polish title is Twarz and it was published by Prószyński in 2004. I based the design on a picture I shot myself – that's my eye and my hands. And no, I won't tell you how I managed to put my head into the box and shoot the picture at the same time.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Simple and clean

Leenia is the title of a customer magazine I design for jeans brand Lee. It's distributed for free in shops, cafés and bars. Every issue has a new layout and theme. Issue #5 2008 was mostly about film and animated film. For this issue I decided to make a really simple layout with sparse use of colour. The girls on the cover are members of a Polish indie band called Betty Be. The big title was handmade - a paper cutout.

This is the gadget spread. The silhouette of Norman Bates' mom is actually a shower curtain.

On this spread we present young designers who have to make something new and inventive out of Lee clothes. In this case they made furniture.

Plazmatikon is a Polish band playing electro nu-jazz (whatever that is!) They only use vintage instruments an their sound is a bit retro. I wanted the photos to look like old ORWO colour negatives.

This is the last spread of the fashion shoot with Betty Be. It was inspired by Tarantino's Death Proof.

A fictive interview with comic character Jerry The Hedgehog about him starring in an animated feature film.

Another fashion shoot with human cameras.

Academy awarded Peter And The Wolf - another animated feature production.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

What the hell is Baaba?

This is the logo of Baaba. I made it for their recordcovers, posters, stickers and promo stuff. Look for examples in my older posts.

Beloved typeface

The name of this typeface is Mohair Dream. I found it on an old box from the 1950's containing welding glasses. I wanted to use it on the cover of a comic book of mine called Moherowe sny (Polish for Mohair dreams). I love this typeface as it's so retro and have used it for many of my designs.