Friday, 13 March 2009

Doing it for the kids

This is the premier issue of my latest design-baby – a bright and colourful magazine called KOKO. It's a customer magazine targeted at parents and kids. It can be picked up for free in Coccodrillo confection stores all over Poland. Before you have a look at the stuff I just want to point out that making KOKO was one of those rare occasions where I, as a designer, could meet up with the clients expectations and still have 100% fun while doing my job. And now over to Koko the crocodile...

Table of contents.

Editorial & credits. The little green fellow on the left is called Koko and was designed by Tomek Tulikowski. Koko will appear all over the mag as you will soon find out.

Interview with Polish soap star Małgorzata Ostrowska-Królikowska who has... five kids! Gosh.

The psychology section with texts about motivating children. And that's my illo up on the first spread.

This text is about having pets. A bunny in this case.

Interview with child actress Wiktoria Gąsiewska who is mostly known for her role in Jasminum by Jan Jakub Kolski.

A text about traveling to Barcelona with kids.

This fashion shoot was produced by Nafta Squad exclusively for Coccodrillo on location in Barcelona, Spain.

This is the opening spread of the kid's section.

This is the fun&games section for the youngest kids. Adam Świderski made the illos on the left page and I made the puppy on the right.

Some fun for the older kids. These cool illos were made by Wiesław Skupniewicz.

This space-game is for kids who can read and write. Created by Ola Trościankowska and extremely talented artist Jacek Frąś.

A crossword for kids and parents. Illustration by Wiesław Skupniewicz.

Easy to make cooking recipes for the kids. And it sure was good fun to prepare the cucumber crocodile for the shoot.

The culture section with new books and event schedule.

Testing car seats.

Nice things to buy and have.

The last spread. And that's basically all! So, until the next issue...

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Anonymous said...

Cool layout! How did you do it?