Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mr Solaris

Once again a portrait of an old dude. This time it's sci-fi writer and futurist Stanisław Lem (1921-2006) – probably Poland's most famous writer. His books, including the incredible novel Solaris, have sold over 27 milion copies. I made the illo for the Polish edition of Mercedes Magazine, #4 2008.


Celebrudy! said...

bardzo, bardzo fajne prace

Daniel Gonzalez said...

Hi dennissimo,

Could I use this image about Lem in my blog? I want to post a text next marc the 27th in my bloc (blocs.lescorts.cc/leilem) and I would like to enclose this portrait.... I you don't mind.

Thank you dennissimo


Dennis from Warsaw said...

No problem, Dani. Just credit me with a link back to my blog.

Best wishes.

Daniel Gonzalez said...

I will credit you wiht a link, of course!