Monday, 29 December 2008

The blue issue

This is issue #6 (2008) of Leenia magazine a customer mag that supports the Lee jeans brand. It's distributed in Lee stores, cafes and bars all over Poland. I have designed everything in it from A to Z. The theme of this issue was the colour blue. This issue (together with #5) was awarded silver at the Chimera magazine design contest in 2008. Featured on the cover: Dick4Dick.

Table of contents + letter from the editor. For each issue I make a special symbol. In this case it's this "monkey face". I hid it in a few places in the magazine. Try to find it.

Gadgets and gifts spread. Everything here is... blue.

In each issue we present people called Lee-something. This time up it's actor Christopher Lee and completely unknown buta completely sweet myspace starlet Amanda Lee. I made the illos.

Portrait of Kristina Szasz – creative director at Lee.

In each issue of Leenia we ask a young artist/designer to reinvent the Lee brand. This time creative duo AZE Design made a special tablecloth that you can wear while you eat.

Portrait of French artist Yves Klein who loved the colour blue.

A funny text about blue in pop music.

The fashion shoot starring rock band Dick4Dick. Not much blue here, though.

A text about graffiti artists.

Blue characters in pop culture. My illo again.

This spread is about an art gallery in PoznaƄ called The Blue Door.

Two fashion spreads for boys and girls. I wanted them to look like paper doll cut outs.

This text is about films with a blue theme. I only had two pictures to illustrate it but I guess that was enough.

The credits spread. And that's all!

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