Thursday, 14 August 2008

Simple and clean

Leenia is the title of a customer magazine I design for jeans brand Lee. It's distributed for free in shops, cafés and bars. Every issue has a new layout and theme. Issue #5 2008 was mostly about film and animated film. For this issue I decided to make a really simple layout with sparse use of colour. The girls on the cover are members of a Polish indie band called Betty Be. The big title was handmade - a paper cutout.

This is the gadget spread. The silhouette of Norman Bates' mom is actually a shower curtain.

On this spread we present young designers who have to make something new and inventive out of Lee clothes. In this case they made furniture.

Plazmatikon is a Polish band playing electro nu-jazz (whatever that is!) They only use vintage instruments an their sound is a bit retro. I wanted the photos to look like old ORWO colour negatives.

This is the last spread of the fashion shoot with Betty Be. It was inspired by Tarantino's Death Proof.

A fictive interview with comic character Jerry The Hedgehog about him starring in an animated feature film.

Another fashion shoot with human cameras.

Academy awarded Peter And The Wolf - another animated feature production.

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