Thursday, 29 May 2008

Same spread, three different styles

Here are three examples of how I designed the table of contents/letter from the editor spread in Leenia. The general idea of the layout in this magazine is that each issue should have its own original style and design.

The layout of issue #3 incorporated lots of handmade elements, dirt and fingerprints, splashes of paint etc. In this spread I used my sons plastic toy saw. I wanted it to look as if the toy had been stuck between the pages while printing.

The theme of issue #4 was photography. The layout was very, very black with lots of contrasts. Here I repeated the mirror effect from issue #3.

Issue #5 was all about movie making. The layout was clean with lots of white. The drawing and the rubber glove here refers to the headline of the letter from the editor, The First Clap. This is a joke in Polish as its the synonym of starting a film production but also the first clap (or rather slap) an infant gets from the doctor to start breathing.

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